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Family Connections Programme

National Education Alliance of Borderline Personality Disorder AUSTRALIA and ARAFMI ILLAWARA

A 12-week Free Program *Education *Skills *Resources *Support to provide the foundation for a better understanding of this complex disorder The Family Connections program is designed to provide parents, spouses, adult children, and siblings the knowledge and skills that will be helpful to them for their own wellbeing in living with a relative with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). The program also helps those relatives build a support network with other individuals with a relative with BPD. FRAMEWORK of PROGRAM The course content of Family Connections was developed by two practicing clinician / researchers and modified in consultation with family members and consumers. The format of the sessions allows group participants to obtain the latest information about the disorder, acquire and practice skills, and enjoy an open and supportive forum for discussion. The program combines the real-life experiences and needs of families of persons with BPD with the expertise of more than two decades of professional work with families. Group leaders, who are family members or clinicians, have extensive personal experience in this area and have taken an intensive leader training course to give them the tools to disseminate information and teach the key skills of the program. 

COURSE CONTENT Series offers * Education on BPD * Research on BPD * Skills training based on Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) in a supportive group environment * Application and practice of skills * Development of a support network Topics addressed * Education and Research on BPD * Family Perspectives and Experiences * Relationship Mindfulness Skills * Family Environment Skills * Effective Communication Skills * Validation Skills * Problem Management Skills


Contact ARAFMI Illawarra for the dates of next program starting date on 42 54 1699

If you would like to register for the Family ConnectionsTM program, please fill out the form at 


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