Me and My Relationships Program.

What is it?

A 12-week group program aims to assist carers to overcome interpersonal problems and build stronger and healthier relationships with others. Participants in this program will learn a range of skills that can increase their capacity and willingness to experience rather than avoid unpleasant thoughts and emotions, in order to experience healthier relationships and live life in the way that they value.

Who is this program suited for?

This program is suited to anyone who experiences ongoing difficulties and distress related to their caring role, for example those experiencing strong emotions or using unhelpful coping strategies.

What does it involve?

Education and skill building. There are set topics that will be covered each week & particular activities we will do.

Venue: Mental Health Carers ARAFMI Illawarra, 17 Princes Highway, Fairy Meadow

When: Held periodically throughout the year.

If you would like to know more about this workshop or to express your interest in attending our next session please contact ARAFMI on 02 4283 3993 or 0450 414 597

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