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We appreciate the feedback we receive from our Carers.
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"I would be lost without ARAFMI they have been a godsend to me & my family"

"Very worthwhile and it is wonderful to have an organisation for carers like ARAFMI"

"Excellent for caring and sharing and meeting others who have similar situations.  Very supportive, productive, informative, fantastic support"

"I have loved the support from the group leaders as well as other group members.  I don't know how I could of coped the last two years"

"ARAFMI service has been a great support in navigating my way through the journey of mental illness, finding my way through the maze, and putting my feet in the right direction.  The workshops have been excellent answering questions and ones  I didn't even know I had.  Staff at ARAFMI hear you and make you feel validated"

"ARAFMI helped me cope through a rough time with my son.  Just going to meetings was a great comfort to me, realizing that, I was not alone and more fortunate than many other carers"


Your Feedback

ARAFMI values feedback in all its forms.  What we are getting right and what we could do better ... drop us a line

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Coming Soon ...

Carer Stories

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