Carer Checkup

What it is

The Carer Check Up is a brief structured intervention that aims to assist carers navigate the various support services on offer through the assessment and provision of individualised feedback. What a carer can expect after completing the Carer Check Up is an increased awareness about his/her current circumstances and impact it is having on him/her, increased knowledge about the ways he/she can support themselves and their loved one, and a clear understanding of what support options are on offer that specifically match to his/her individual needs.

How it works

The Carer Check Up is run over three weekly one-hour sessions. For the first session a carer will be asked to discuss his/her circumstances with a support worker who will listen empathetically, as well as complete several assessment questionnaires that will be used for the provision of individualised feedback. For the second session a carer will be provided personalised feedback about his/her circumstances, informed of ways he/she can best support themselves and loved one, and given an opportunity to identify a support option that matches up with his/her needs. The final session is a chance to discuss progress in addressing needs and planning for the future.

How to get involved

If you are interested in arranging a time to undertake the Carer Check Up, or simply wish to know more about it, you can speak to one of the support workers at ARAFMI