Working Development Orders WDO's

ARAFMI Illawarra is proud to be an approved sponsor organisation in the Work and Development Order (WDO) Scheme.

The WDO Scheme is a world first program administered in partnership by the NSW Department of Police and Justice, State Debt Recovery, Legal Aid NSW and the Aboriginal Legal Service NSW/ACT. WDOs are orders, made by State Debt Recovery, that allow eligible people to “pay-off” outstanding fines by undertaking unpaid work, counselling, courses or treatment programs.

Unpaid fines lead to licence sanctions, debt stress and compounding disadvantage. The WDO Scheme provides an opportunity for vulnerable people in our community to reduce their fines debt while they develop skills, engage with support services and receive treatment.

ARAFMI Illawarra is approved to provide voluntary unpaid work, case management, counselling or life skills courses as WDO activities for eligible members. We may also support eligible members to do a WDO on referral to other services for education, counselling or treatment programs.


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