What ARAFMI provides?

ARAFMI Illawarra is an organisation which provides support and advocacy to families and carers of people living with a mental illness, works towards better services for both mental health consumers and promotes an understanding of the issues surrounding mental health and care in the community. Contact us today on 02 4283 3993 or 02 42 833 499 for support.

Services currently provided by ARAFMI Illawarra include

  • Telephone support 
  • Individual face-to-face counselling
  • Support groups with other carers
  • Peer support
  • Education and training workshops
  • Advocacy
  • Community awareness sessions

ARAFMI is also concerned with issues relating to mental health such as

  • Quality of, and access to treatment
  • Supporting families at discharge
  • Support and education of carers and families
  • Rehabilitation
  • Housing
  • Employment
  • Financial security
  • Reducing stigma

All services offered by Mental Health Carers ARAFMI Illawarrra are provided free of charge for all Mental Health Carers.  We do however ask that carers consider becoming financial members of ARAFMI to help offset our costs.